Tuesday, October 18, 2011

BLUE MOVIE Comic - Part 2!

Our fearless heroes, the mighty rock band Blue Movie, stare down the unspeakable horrors burbling up from the mouth of the cave.


- Double Page Spread -

Heads roll, limbs are chopped, blood is shed!

Then, it's promptly "To be continued..." Sorry for the sequential blue balls, but 6 pages ain't a bad output for a short turnaround. I'm looking forward to following this up with a lotta of Hard R fantasy based works, Wizards & Warriors style in the coming months. Below is the entire strip in order.

Blue Movie had a great time at Comicon and got a fantastic response. All the best to them in the future, and thank you for asking me to be part of this. Here's a photo of them fighting the realest of horrors, Big Bird.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Spot Illustration - Phoenix Magazine

I did a spot illustration for Phoenix Magazine the other week of Tara Hitchcock, morning news anchor of Good Morning Arizona, and her super sunny disposition. Unfortunately, the week before the mag went to press, she retired! The spot was pulled, so as to not not behind the times - doh!  It's cool, still got paid, and met a cool contact.  Cheers Brian!

Saturday, October 15, 2011


I got commissioned to do a comic for the band BLUE MOVIE a little while back. Free reign to do whatever I wanted, they said. Here's what I came up.  A fantasy/horror mash-up with no words - black riders in the storm, guarding us from our nightmares.

You ready for BATTLE?  
To be honest it's rather abbreiviated, with a "To Be Continued" but still kinda rad.
Will post on Monday

Check out the rest of the comic this weekend at the NY Comicon Booth #2500 if you are around.

& Here's a link to the band's website -  BLUE MOVIE
and some info about hem below.

"Rising even higher from their individual successes achieved from NY & LA's music scenes, BLUE MOVIE's members individually have lit up venues throughout the U.S & Europe  including CBGBs, South X Southwest, Viper Room, and The Whisky A Go Go,sharing stages with top industry names such as Biohazard, The Strokes, The Misfits, Debbie Gibson, and Steven Adler. 

Branded as "BLUE MOVIE" (derived from the infamous 60's Warhol sex thriller) their talents now combined, unleash a beautiful sonic symphony of chaos & order, vibing as if the Love Child of Nine Inch Nails & Duran Duran were hired to produce a score for a love-lust horror flick.

With their debut release "8MM LOVESONGS", (1st of a 3 part trilogy to conclude by late 2011) the sounds of Blue Movie are instantly recognizable. "No one else sounds or looks like them today" is the quote heard again and again from anyone who experiences 8MM LOVESONGS, reads their comics, or witnesses their live shows.
Experience the future of music today...BLUE MOVIE..excite your senses!"

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

PENTHOUSE Magazine Illustration - Dirty Harry playin' poker!

You finally have a semi-decent reason to check out this month's Penthouse Magazine! I did an illustration of Dirty Harry playing cards for an article outlining their expert's Top 10 Poker tips. Was a blast to do. Check it out, on stands now.

In addition to all the other wonderful content you expect in the mag, there's also an in-depth interview with disaster movie maven Roland Emmerich (Independence Day, 2012, Day After Tomorrow) about his upcoming film about... William Shakespeare. Whaaa?